Англійська мова професійного спрямування

Kitchen utensils

Listen to the text only 3,36 minutes and try to answer the questions:

  • How many sausepans do you need to have in the kitchen?
    What can you use them for?
    How many knives do you need in your kitchen?
    Name the knives, if yoiu can
    What is the most important thing for the knives?
    What do you need for baking?

Breakfast table

Listen to the text and do the tasks

Dinner table

Listen to the text and do the tasks

How to meet a client

  • Hello madam/ sir
  • Welcome to our restaurant ..
  • What can I do for you, madam/ sir?
  • Can I help you?
  • What table do you like to dine in?
  • I’ll serve our menu to you, madam/ sir
  • Welcome to Kasey’s Kitchen
  • Do you have a reservation/ Have you booked a table?
  • Yes, here you are
  • That was a party for one, correct?
  • Follow me to your table, please/ Would you follow me, please?
  • Here’s the menu
  • I’ll return in a moment to take your order.
  • Hi, I’m Sue, I’ll be your server for tonight
  • Can I take your coat?
  • How many are you?